The options can be configured globally (Content -> Options) or in the menu item.

What you maybe know from Joomla 3

  • Number of Leading Articles
  • Number of Intro Articles
  • Number of Columns
  • Multi Column Direction -> Down creates a mansory layout, Across a column layout
  • Number of Links

What is new in Joomla 4

  • Leading Article Class
  • Article Class
  • Linked Intro Image

Cassiopeia has already some useful modifier classes for category blog:

  • boxed
  • image-right
  • image-left
  • image-alternate (in combination with image-right or image-left)
  • image-bottom

On Styles / Black and white you will see a category blog with following configuration and some custom css

Screenshot category blog configuration

.bw {
  --cassiopeia-color-primary: #000;
  --cassiopeia-color-hover: #999;
  --cassiopeia-color-link: #666;
.bw .container-banner .banner-overlay {
	height: 40vh;